Catholic Priest

Carmelo Baltazar

Ordained: 1960

In 1985, Father Carmelo “Mel” Baltazar pleaded guilty to and was convicted of lewd conduct with a 15-year-old boy in Idaho and sentenced to seven years in prison. During his criminal trial, it became clear that his supervisors at church assignments around the world were aware that he had been sexually abusing young boys for the past 20 years. Ordained in the Diocese of Malolos in the Philippines in 1960, Baltazar was first suspected of sexually abusing boys in 1966 when he was serving in the Diocese of Cleveland. Baltazar arrived in the Diocese of Santa Rosa in 1981 and served as a chaplain at Queen of the Valley Hospital. He left in 1982.

Father Baltazar's Assignments

Ordained for the Diocese of Malolos, Philippines1960
Queen of the Valley Hospital1981..1982
Left Diocese of Santa Rosa1982
Arrested and sentenced1985