Catholic Priest

Eric Swearingen

Ordained: 1987

In 2002, an army special forces sergeant filed a lawsuit claiming he was sexually abused as a child by Rev. Eric Swearingen.  The alleged abuse occurred when Swearingen allowed the boy, a runaway, to live with him in the rectory of St. Alphonsus Church in Fresno, California.  Swearingen denied the accusation and the local authorities declined to prosecute the case.  However, the alleged victim proceeded with his civil claims, which were eventually submitted to binding, confidential arbitration in 2007.  Swearingen remains an active priest and was eventually assigned as the rector of a diocesan parochial high school in 2007.

Father Swearingen's Assignments

Our Lady of GuadalupeBakersfield, CA1987..1989
Our Lady of VictoryFresno, CA1989..1990
St. AlphonsusFresno, CA1990..1992
St. John Vianney HouseFresno, CA1990..1992
St. Helen'sFresno, CA1992..1999
St. Peter'sLemoore, CA1999..2001
St. RosaTache Indian Reservation, CA1999..2001
Holy SpiritFresno, CA2001..2008
San Joaquin Memorial H.S.Fresno, CA2008..2014
Church of VisaliaVisalia, CA2014..present