Catholic Priest

John Anthony Salazar-Jimenez

Ordained: 1984

John Anthony Salazar-Jimenez was incardinated in 1984.  Within his first year of ministry, he was accused of sexually abusing a child.  In 1986, a felony complaint was filed against Salazar for the crime of “lewd act upon a child.” That same year, the Los Angeles Archdiocese terminated his faculties and assignment.  In 1987, he pled guilty to two counts of molestation and sentenced to six years in prison.  The children were students at Santa Teresita Parish School in the City Terrace section of L.A.’s Eastside. Salazar was released from prison in 1990, and in 1994, Salazar was accepted for ministry in the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas.  Salazar was accepted despite a letter from the Archbishop of Los Angeles to the Bishop of Amarillo recommending that Salazar not be reinstated into active ministry.   In 2003, Salazar was charged with sexual assault of an 18 year-old in Dallas.  He was convicted in 2005 and was given a life sentence, which was overturned.  He was not laicized until 2005.  In 2013, he pled guilty to another charge of abuse in Texas.  Nearly a dozen victims have come forward alleging Salazar of sexual abuse.

Father Salazar-Jimenez's Assignments

Casa CalasanzLos Angeles, California1984
Amarillo DioceseAmarillo, Texas 1994