Catholic Priest

John K. Rogers

Ordained: 1976

Once a respected scholar of world religions, John K. Rogers is now known as one of “the Santa Rosa Diocese’s most serious offenders.” A man abused by Rogers in 1976 first made his abuse known to the Diocese in 1988. The man alleged abuse in the rectory of St. Bernard Church in Eureka, CA. Rogers was briefly removed from a position teaching at Humboldt State University after the Diocese received the report, but was then reinstated after a psychiatric evaluation. The accuser renewed his complaint in 1995 when he heard that Rogers continued to work with students. The Diocese sent Rogers to Belgium to study, but then attempted to order Rogers to return to the United States to undergo another psychiatric evaluation. Before that could take place, Rogers committed suicide.

Father Rogers's Assignments

St. BernardEureka, CA1976
Cardinal Newman Center at Humboldt State UniversityArcata, CA1988