Catholic Priest

Joseph F. Sharpe

Ordained: 1943

In 1971, two sisters informed the Los Angeles Archdiocese that Joseph F. Sharpe engaged in an “improper relationship” with them. The Los Angeles Archdiocese personnel board forced Sharpe to resign in 1973 for “various personal problems” and undisclosed “job performance issues.”  Despite his status with the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the Diocese of Orange incardinated Sharpe in 1976.  Sharpe died in 1999.

Father Sharpe's Assignments

Absent on Leave1950..1952
St. Timothy Catholic Church Los Angeles, California1953
St. Emydius Catholic Church Lynwood, California1954..1955
Pius X High School Downey, California1956..1959
Cathedral Chapel Los Angeles, California1960
Christ the King Catholic Church Los Angeles, California1961..1964
Santa Clara Catholic Church Oxnard, California1965..1973
St. John the Baptist Church Costa Mesa, California1977
St. John Vianney Chapel Balboa Island, California1978..1998