Catholic Priest

Miguel Flores

Ordained: 1994

In 2002, Miguel Flores was charged with three counts of forcible rape of a 16-year-old girl. The charges stated that Flores raped the girl once at St. Paul Church in Tranquility, California, and twice more at Immaculate Hearth of Mary Church in Hanford, California. Flores allegedly bought the victim a car to ensure her silence and threatened to harm her younger sisters if she reported the incident. During the ensuing trial, the older sister of the victim revealed that she had also engaged in a romantic relationship with Flores prior to the rapes. Flores denied the charges and claimed the family fabricated the allegations in order to extort Flores for money. Flores was subsequently acquitted in the criminal case, however, the diocese required him to undergo “spiritual renewal” guidance and offered the girl and her family “pastoral counseling.”