Catholic Priest

Roger Anderson


Roger Anderson has been accused of sexual abuse of more than one minor from 1981-1983 at Old Mission Santa Ines in Solvang, California.  According to a lawsuit filed by one of the victims, this victim began attending catechism classes at Ole Mission Santa Ines in 1978, and thereafter, became an altar boy.  In 1981, when he was approximately twelve years old, Anderson began sexually assaulting him.  The assaults took place in, among other locations, Anderson’s office and in the confessional.  The victim claims that on more than one occasion, another priest or Religious Brother walked in on an assault taking place only to turn around and leave.  The assaults against this victim took place from approximately 1981-83.  Roger Anderson is deceased.

Father Anderson's Assignments

St. Lawrence of Brindisi Catholic ChurchLos Angeles, CA1951
Old Mission Santa InesSolvang, CA1972..1983