Catholic Priest

Anthony Bolger

Ordained: 1969

In 2013, a plaintiff brought a lawsuit alleging that Father Bolger abused him when he was 12 years old at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church and St. Anthony School in Kailua, HI. The abuse allegedly occurred from 1978-1981. At that time, Bolger was both an associate pastor at the parish and a teacher at the school. Bolger had been ordained in 1969 for the Diocese of Santa Rosa and worked as a high school chaplain and university instructor in California before being excardinated to the Diocese of Honolulu in the early 1980s. After his assignment at St. Anthony’s, Bolger went on to serve as associate pastor at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace and later at the Co-Cathedral of St. Theresa and the Child Jesus, both in Honolulu. He then became pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul Church, also in Honolulu. He returned to St. Anthony’s and was also assigned to St. Theresa Church in Kihei prior to his retirement in 2002. He died in 2015.

Father Bolger's Assignments

Ordained for the Diocese of Santa Rosa1969
Excardinated to the Diocese of Honolulu1984
Associate pastor at St. Mary Church and instructor at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA1969
High school chaplain and associate pastor/admin in northern CA1970s
Associate pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Kailua, HI and a teacher at the parish school1978..81
Associate pastor of Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace1982..84
Associate pastor of Co-Cathedral of St. Theresa in Honolulu, HI1984/1985
Pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Honolulu, HI1985
Assignments back at St. Anthony Church in Kailua and St. Theresa Church in Kihei, Maui1985..2002
Retired but retained priestly faculties2002
Died in Tijuana, Mexico2015