Catholic Priest

Jose Anthony Pinal Contellanos

Ordained: 1980

In 2003, criminal charges against Jose Antonio Pinal Contellanos were dismissed when the United States Supreme Court ruled that a California law reviving older sexual abuse cases was unconstitutional. Pinal was thought to have fled to Mexico to evade the charges at the time they were dismissed. He was alleged to have sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy in 1982 in Gridley, CA.

Father Pinal Contellanos's Assignments

Sacred HeartGridley, CA1980..1986
St. Mary'sBiggs, CA1980..1984
Our Lady of GuadalupeLive Oak, CA1980..1986
St. Anthony'sWinters, CA1986..1989
St. Martin'sEsparto, CA1986..1989
On leave1989..1991