Catholic Priest

Phil Sunseri

Ordained: < 1986

According to a list of priests credibly accused of child sexual abuse released by the Diocese of San Jose in October of 2018, Phil Sunseri was reported to have sexually abused children at St. Christopher in San Jose, CA, in 1986, as well as at Holy Family Parish in San Jose, CA, in 1987. These reports were made in 1987 and 2018. Sunseri was permanently banned from ministry in 1988 and is reported by the diocese to be living in San Jose, CA. When a local news station contacted Sunseri by text message in 2018 to inquire about allegations that he had massaged two teenage boys, Sunseri responded that he had apologized to the boys and their families and “felt blindsided” by the inclusion of his name on the list released by the Diocese of San Jose.

Father Sunseri's Assignments

Holy Family ParishSan Jose, CA1987