Catholic Priest

Stuart B. Campbell

Ordained: 1930

Stuart B. Campbell was named in a 2003 lawsuit as having sexually abused a minor between 1956-1959, while he worked in the Monterey-Fresno diocese, likely at St. Ann’s in Porterville.  Campbell moved frequently in his career. He died in 1986.

Father Campbell's Assignments

Fenwick High SchoolOak Park, IL1930..1934
St Catherine of Siena New York, NY1934..1937
St. Thomas Aquinas Zanesville, OH1937..1940
St. Louis BertrandLouisville, KY1940..1944
St. DominicWashington, D.C.1944..1946
St. Thomas Aquinas Zanesville, OH1946..1947
St. AnnPhilo, OH1946..1947
Our Lady of GuadalupeSan Bernardino, CA1947..1949
St. JohnEast Highlands, CA1947..1949
Mother of SorrowsDel Rosa, CA1947..1949
St. AugustineCovington, KY1949..1953
Santa Teresita Hospital and SanatoriumDuarte, CA1953..1954
St. AnnPorterville, CA1955..1957
Various ParishesNevada1959..1976
Immaculate Heart of Mary Santa Ana, CA1976..1980